Republican Leaders Meet with the Extremely Beatable Barack Obama

Obama met with some top Republicans yesterday and lectured them on the economy for about 75 minutes, about the debt ceiling and Medicare and all these other things. At the end of the meeting Paul Ryan actually had the nerve to suggest that Obama wasn’t helping things by demagoguing the Republican budget plan, and Obama replied by saying, “I did my homework.” Well, I don’t know who his teachers are if he’s doing his homework, but Ryan got a standing ovation from the rest of the Republican participants in the meeting. Let’s go to the audio sound bites. This is yesterday, Washington, outside the White House, after meeting with Obama, Ryan and other congressional Republicans held a press conference. A reporter said, “Chairman Ryan, did you say to the president, ‘Leaders have to lead and you haven’t shown leadership’? That sounds confrontational. Did you say that?”

RYAN: I just said we gotta take on this debt, and if we demagogue each other at the leadership level, then we’re never gonna take on our debt. We have a debt crisis coming and we want to deal with this. If we want to grow jobs and the economy, we gotta get our spending under control, we gotta get our debt under control, and if we try to demagogue each other’s attempts to do that, then we’re not applying the kind of political leadership we need to get this economy growing and get this debt under control.

RUSH: That figures that this would be the focal point for a reporter. Did you dare confront our boy president? Were you confrontational with our leader? As though of course Obama, Mr. Congeniality, sitting up there two and a half years, not demagoguing anything or anybody, not being confrontational about anything or anybody.



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