Liberals Panic Over the Economy

The AP: “The economy is tiring again.” The press, they’re so depressed because Obama had a week of “no negatives.” There were no negatives, and then all this rotten economic news hit. This rotten economic news never went away! This rotten economic news has been what has defined this administration since the stimulus bill. There hasn’t been any good economic news since this bunch assumed power. One of the biggest lies, one of the biggest myths in the last two-and-a-half years is that there has ever been a recovery. There has not been, statistically or otherwise. In terms of real people and their lives, there has not been an economic recovery. The AP says today, “The economy is tiring again.

“Reports Wednesday on manufacturing and company hiring were so weak that many economists immediately downgraded their forecasts for Friday’s jobs report for May. Some analysts also slashed their estimates for growth in the April-June quarter.” Now you got people out there talking about another recession. You’ve got some Democrats talking about perhaps a Great Depression. So now the doom and gloom is surfacing — and believe me, this is not what the regime wanted. This is not part and parcel of the giant plan here. You don’t have miracle economic recoveries from this baseline, but they’re trying to set something like that up.



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