The Millionaire Mastermind Lived Like a Homeless Guy in a Pigsty

He was living in a pigsty. I mean for crying out loud he was living in a glorified hut. He wants to continue with this notion of a million-dollar compound in a residential neighbor. Folks, it was a pigsty. I’m not trying to offend Muslim sensibilities here. Pigsty’s been around long before I was aware that that had some sort of possible problem with Muslims. I mean, for crying out loud, dirty windows, half eaten food on the floor, filthy clothes shoved under the unmade bed. I mean it looked worse than a teenage kid’s room. It looked like a crack house. And they continue with this business here that it was some million-dollar property. And if it was a million-dollar property, was he paying his taxes? Was he paying his fair share, as far as the Pakistanis are concerned?

But obviously they’ve got an image of Bin Laden that they want to have continued. They don’t want the image of Bin Laden living in a cave. They want an image of Bin Laden, charismatic, but I mean we see this guy huddled in a cheap blanket wearing a ski cap watching television in his pigsty. He looks like a bum in a homeless shelter somewhere. And now — I don’t know if you’ve seen this — now they are trying to convince us that he was in total charge of al-Qaeda and that that pigsty where we see Bin Laden sitting was the command-and-control center. That is the command-and-control center? A couple of 14-inch analog TVs with rabbit ears, a remote control for his satellite unit, for his satellite dish.



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