Ruling Class Attacks Bachmann

Let’s move to this whole notion here of what’s happening inside the Republican field and the fact that opposition research is now being conducted on Michele Bachmann. There is a little game — I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but if you haven’t noticed it, don’t doubt me. Part of my job is to notice things before you do, and then tell you. It’s called the cutting edge. I’m on it. I own it. There’s a little game being played by the established Republican commentariate, what I call the inside-the-Beltway conservative intelligentsia, the Republican intellectual elite. It is aimed at muddling conservatism and discrediting, taking down, if you will, conservative Tea Party candidates in the Republican presidential primary process. The way to do it, by the way, is a page right out of the Democrat left’s playbook.

Now, last week I mentioned and discussed at some length the argument that some were making that if conservatives demand candidates who are too pure, they can’t win. I don’t know if you’ve seen that, but it is effervescing out there. And it always does. We can’t win with a conservative that’s too pure, that’s too rock-ribbed, that’s too rigid. We need a conservative who understands that raising taxes now and then is a reasonable and sometimes intelligent thing to do. We don’t want the kind of purity that says never raise taxes. We don’t want the kind of purity that gives us the social issues. We need Republicans who aren’t as pure, who will realize that sometimes you just have to stop talking about guns and abortion for the larger good of public policy. Well, today in the Daily Caller — that’s Chatsworth Osborne Jr.’s website, right? Tucker Carlson. There’s a guy named Matt Lewis, and it’s a takedown of Michele Bachmann in the Daily Caller.



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