Rick Perry Scares the Heck Out of the Washington Establishment

Well, some of you people are gonna love hearing about this story. It’s from The Politico today, by Mike Allen. And the headline of The Politico story: “GOP Elite See Daniels as 2012 Savior — Top Republicans are increasingly convinced that President Barack Obama will be easily reelected if stronger GOP contenders do not emerge, and some are virtually begging Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels to add some excitement to the slow-starting nomination race. It’s a sign of the GOP’s straits that the party is depending on the bland, wonkish Daniels for an adrenaline boost. But interviews this week with longtime party activists and strategists,” and, by the way, not one person is named in this piece. So we don’t know who these Republicans speaking to Mike Allen at Politico are.

“But interviews this week with longtime party activists and strategists made clear that many in the Republican establishment are unnerved by a field led by Mitt Romney, who could have trouble confronting Obama on health reform; Tim Pawlenty, who has yet to ignite excitement; Jon Huntsman, who may be too moderate to get the nomination; and Newt Gingrich, weighed down by personal baggage and a sense that he is a polarizing figure from the 1990s. Despairing Republican lobbyists say their colleagues don’t ask, ‘Who do you like?’ but instead, ‘Who do we back?'” A central player in the GOP money machine,” again unnamed, says, “It’s not that they’re up in arms. It’s just that they’re depressed.”



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