Republicans Can Learn from Netanyahu

There’s a little meeting going on, Bibi Netanyahu and Obama, and when it started out — Netanyahu is speaking now — I said, “Oh, no. Oh, no.” I said, “Netanyahu’s having to eat the excrement sandwich.” ‘Cause he started out with all the pap, “You’re great, great to hear you’re committed to Israel, Mr. Obama, great that you’re committed to peace. We’re committed to peace.” And I’m thinking, well, this is what happens, when the country gets $5 billion from us you have to go in there and eat the excrement sandwich. But then, Bibi said, “We cannot go back to the 1967 lines.” He said it in public. He looked right in the camera. He looked at Obama and said, “We cannot go back to the 1967 boundaries, the borders. They don’t take into account the changes that have taken place on the ground. Israel cannot negotiate with a Palestine government that is backed by Hamas. He’s saying all this publicly with Obama sitting there. The camera is not on Obama, it’s a tight shot of Bibi.



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