Panetta Confirms Waterboarding Led to Bin Laden, Left Freaks Out

There you have it. I mean Panetta said waterboarding. He had said it before last night with Bri Wi on the NBC Nightly News. Brian Williams. He’d said it before that. Now, there were three people. We waterboarded three guys. One was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. One was Abu Zubaydah and I forget the other, but they were not waterboarded at Gitmo. They were waterboarded elsewhere. It doesn’t matter who it is, Snerdley. Your al-Libi is my al-Hayat, it doesn’t matter. There were three guys and they were all waterboarded at the black site prisons, the CIA prisons, before they got to Gitmo. Rumsfeld has admitted this. So here you have Panetta who I actually think, folks, the more things spill out, the aftermath of this story we’re getting, it’s getting more and more confused, there’s more and more contradictions about what happened, what didn’t happen, why what happened happened and why what didn’t happen didn’t happen. It seems like Panetta is really at the helm here. So there he is, he says waterboarding was used.

Folks, I mean this ruins everything! I mean it’s like Ronald Reagan coming out and saying, “No, I was never for tax cuts. Tax increases are the way to go.” I can’t tell you the utter devastation Panetta’s statement caused everybody on the left. That takes us to PMSNBC and Lawrence O’Donnell The Last Word. When I tuned in I felt like I was watching a local news show in a foreign country in a hotel. O’Donnell had as his guest the deputy national security advisor, Denis McDonough. And here’s the question. O’Donnell said, “Candidate Obama spoke strongly against waterboarding. Director Panetta has now confirmed to Brian Williams that some of the detainees who provided some of the info that had created the chain of information that eventually led to the killing of Bin Laden, let me ask you this. Did any useful information that led to this mission come from waterboarding?” So Panetta has just said it two hours earlier on the NBC Nightly News. Two hours later the AAA team, MSNBC, Lawrence O’Donnell has gotta do something here to do damage control. So he asked this guy, McDonough, the deputy national security advisor, come on, was waterboarding really used?



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