Next Reagan? Try Coolidge

It would be great if we could find a new Ronald Reagan, right? But what the country really needs, in Glenn’s opinion, is a president like Calvin Coolidge! Why would Glenn invoke this oft-ignored president as an example for leaders today?

“Reagan modeled himself really after Calvin Coolidge. I mean, when it comes to economic policies and things like that. Coolidge dismantled Wilson. I mean, I’d take Ronald Reagan in a heartbeat. But in two years’ time we are not going to be sitting in the Carter years. In two years’ time we are going to need much more dramatic and the times have changed,” Glenn said.

“Technology has changed. Everything has changed. Community organizing has changed. Why is how can you defeat community organizing? There is a way. How can you defeat it? You defeat the kind of community organizing that is happening right now by allowing it to continue to be bottom up. Right now all the community organizing is orchestrated and paid for by the top,” Glenn said.

“The problem with the Tea Party and to some extent the 9/12 project is that there isn’t any framework at the top. It’s a very delicate balance. Because once you get into the framework at the top, well, then you get into corruption. Then you get into personalities and everything else and then it becomes a contest for power. Well, what are the principles and the values that are driving it? And does that power still allow it to change constantly?



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