Mitch Daniels: Bend Over for Our Enemies and Make Them Like Us

Grab audio sound bite number one. I teased you with this, and I really didn’t mean to. I just got sidetracked with this Middle East speech. Mitch Daniels in 2009. Now, remember, what does it say that somebody that is this low-key is needed to add excitement to our campaign, and that’s what the inside-the-Beltway Republicans are saying. Here is Mitch Daniels, and I’ve got three or four of these, but I’ve got time to play one. We’ll do the rest tomorrow. But Mitch Daniels, 2009, in Washington, making a speech at the Ripon Society.

DANIELS: The next Republican majority will have to emphasize those things that unite us, as opposed to those things about which we are in conflict or divided. It seems to me this is a message I’ve never heard Dick Lugar speak divisively, that, you know, the whole concept of a wedge issue should be foreign to us if we really want to come back. We’ve got a tall mountain to climb. We not only are out of favor right now, but the topography in this country is not moving in a positive way, standing on the political basis left to us. So we better be thinking about those things that unite us and we better be extraordinarily understanding of those who disagree, bend over backwards. I mean we’re all Americans.

RUSH: Mitch Daniels, we better be extraordinarily understanding of those who disagree with us, must bend-over backwards.



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