Laid Off Zoo Worker Complains to Obama and He Blames the GOP

So government worker about to lose her job, about to lose her house, might not see the baby be born ’cause she’s in a tough pregnancy, and Obama tells her how important she is to the American people. She and the animals, how important they are to the American people. You see, this is how they’re gonna do this. This is nothing more than a replay of a town hall meeting they had shortly after Obama was inaugurated over in Tampa where the audience shouted, “Where’s my kitchen? I need a new car,” and all that. And the undercurrent here, by the way, is that look who’s losing their jobs, federal workers, government workers. Look who’s losing those jobs, and it turns out the president is — well, he’s wrong. He is making a big pitch in terms of explaining high unemployment, claiming that the majority of it is government workers.

Mark Knoller of CBS covering this town hall with the president this morning reported this. “President Obama blames high unemployment rate on ‘huge layoffs of government workers’ at federal, state and local levels.” Jim Geraghty has a very comprehensive post at his blog at National Review Online called The Campaign Spot. It is completely wrong. It’s epically wrong, as Geraghty says. But note, who do they drag out for question? To back up what the president’s saying about the reason for high unemployment is primarily people in government jobs losing theirs. So Geraghty has gone to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and published a lot of numbers here on private sector employment over periods of time and public sector employment, and the dirty little secret — numbers on radio is very tough to do. I can do it given the appropriate amount of time, hang in there, be tough, we’ll get to it — but the bottom line is that government employment is actually increasing. There are not droves and droves of layoffs. The numbers indicate that local government employment is increasing, not decreasing. Obama’s not even a little bit right about this. So this whole thing, this whole town hall today is almost a purely scripted event to advance an agenda that is forming the foundation of the reelection campaign, which I, El Rushbo, told you about yesterday.



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