Jobless Claims at 8-Month High, As Media Focuses on Obama in NY

Yep, pretty gutsy call for Obama to visit Ground Zero. He could be out celebrating Cinco De Mayo today, but I’m sure that he thinks he’s got the illegal alien vote already locked up. You know, I was thinking about something here. When I saw Obama’s entourage arrive at Ground Zero at the firehouse where he’s having lunch — by the way, I saw the menu. I wonder if Moochelle Obama knows… here’s the menu, he’s having lunch right now with firefighters of Engine 54. Eggplant Parmesan and scallop shrimp pasta in cream sauce. Cream sauce, ladies and gentlemen. No doubt a violation of scripture from his wife. Every time the guy leaves the house to eat he chows down. He has to get away from that watercress vinaigrette that they no doubt serve him inside the White House.

I was thinking, remember Bill Clinton went over to Normandy on some anniversary of the Normandy invasion. We had the videotape of this on Rush The TV Show. The lone battleship out on the horizon, cameras up atop the hill from Omaha Beach. On Omaha Beach a lone figure strolled in solitude, in pensive thought. All the cameras were trained on this lonesome, lonely figure as he trod the sand of Omaha Beach. And then this lone figure stopped and paused, gazed down at the sand, then crouched and began what appeared to be playing with the sand. The cameras were alerted, they zoomed in, the shot did contain that lone battleship on the horizon, and, lo and behold, the lone figure, the president of the United States, was arranging some stones, some pretty big stones found on Omaha Beach in the shape of a cross. It was later learned that there were no stones on Omaha Beach until the White House staff had put them there and that the whole thing had been staged.



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