Giving Obama credit for Bin Laden’s demise is unwarranted PR hype

By Dennis Marcellino:

Giving Obama credit for Bin Laden’s demise is like giving credit for getting rid of a bully to a dysfunctional kid who had an acquaintance who had a friend who had been working a long time to get rid of the bully. Another aspect here is that the bully moved to another place and for years has been a small factor in the overall bullying picture anyway. This is just another attempt by the left to pull the wool over the public’s eyes with PR hype.

In my book The Plague Of Liberalism, I call this an example of a “liberal smoke screen,” where the smoke is used to hide a lot of other evils that are perpetrated … like funding and supporting abortion, gay marriage, atheism (by legally banning any mention of God from the mainstream institutions), morals that are breaking up families and causing broken hearts, and bad use of money. All of this is why it sickens me to hear all of this praise going to someone who really has done a lot of damage to this nation and its people.

Another analogy that I give in my book is how liberals operate like a magician, who gets people to focus on one thing, and then who do their trick where the people aren’t looking. That is, they create uproars over relatively insignificant, if not fictional, things like global warming, while the real horrors that they perpetrate go under the radar. And of course we are all familiar with their tactic of using name-calling and not intelligent reasoning as their offense (because they would lose in the arena of intelligent reasoning).

Unfortunately, a lot of the public is not fully educated on all the facts and largely form their opinions with whatever sound bytes that happen to be capturing the headlines in the media. And then they parrot the name-calling as if they are making an intelligent argument. That’s why the liberals have placed such a high importance on dominating the mainstream media. And the only reason why conservatives have made some headway on the political scene is because it has gained popularity through the Fox News Channel, talk radio, print and email lists like this one here.

Dennis Marcellino is the author of The Plague Of Liberalism, which can be seen and purchased at



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