Get a Grip, Wishy Washy GOP! Dems Pull Off Fraud Win in NY-26

No, I’m not happy about it, and I’m gonna put a stop to this out there. It’s starting to irritate me here. All this panic over this unheard of New York election yesterday. Get a grip, folks. I’m in a perfectly fine mood here today. Actually I awoke a couple hours earlier than normal. I’m reading a novel I’m having trouble putting down. So I got up early, start reading the book. I’m in a perfectly fine mood. I’m doing show prep, getting ready to come in here. Snerdley storms in at 11 o’clock fuming, smoke coming out of his ears, “Screw it, to heck with it, let’s just let Medicare go broke. Every damn time the media distorts it, they lie about it. Okay, fine, you want Medicare to go broke, I’m tired of seasoned citizens demanding — just let ’em go broke.” I checked the e-mail, it’s the same thing. Over one stupid election in New York that was as big a fraudulent election as there ever has been in terms of the substance of what was on the table. It’s up to me once again to bring calm to a very panicked conservative nation here today, and I’ll do my best at it.

Hi. I am Rush Limbaugh. This is the EIB — (interruption) what? What? It is. Let me put this in perspective for you. You know, you’re falling prey to this notion. What do you expect to happen when we announce a plan to reform Medicare? You know that the Democrats are gonna demagogue it. You know that it’s gonna happen. You know that the media is gonna do everything they can to destroy anybody and everybody behind the plan ’cause all they care about is winning the election. They don’t care about the country, they don’t care about the future of the country. They couldn’t care less about that. They care about winning the election, pure and simple. If they have to lie to do it, they will. So you get upset, why don’t we lie, or why do we tackle these issues? Why don’t we just Milquetoast along here and not do the heavy lifting ’til after we win the election? How come we always pay the price for doing the right thing? How come we always get lied about? How come we always get destroyed doing the right thing?



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