Does Herman Cain Need Experience in Elective Office?

Okay, dare I in answering this question invoke the name Obama? Okay. Now, I know what you’d say: “Obama was elected to the Illinois Senate for a number of years, and voted ‘present;’ and when he didn’t vote present he was voting to make sure aborted babies stayed aborted. When he was elected to the US Senate, he worked a total of 157 days, and I don’t think sponsored any legislation,” and yet there were no questions about his qualifications. There were no inquiries; there wasn’t any concern about his lack of experience in governing. Some people might also say, in response to your question, that they’re sick and tired of the professional political class and they wouldn’t mind having somebody from totally outside it who nevertheless has CEO experience, top rate CEO experience.

The answer to your question is anybody can try to run, and they can go as far as their campaign takes ’em. Would you sit here, would you tell Herman Cain, “You don’t have any right to do this! Who do you think you are?” Damn right. I guar… (interruption) You don’t think he’s serious about this? You would ask him if he’s serious? He’s dead serious about this. I can tell Herman Cain’s serious about it. So what he thinks, issue-wise, is not enough for you to get past the fact he’s never governed before, he’s never served, he’s never been elected to anything? (interruption) That’s right? Okay. All right. Well, just keep in mind: Snerdley’s the screener, not the host (chuckles) and that’s his point of view.

I’m not trying to tick you Herman Cain people off. Snerdley genuinely asked me this question. There are others, Ulysses Grant never served in elected office. Herbert Hoover never served in elective office. Dwight Eisenhower never served in elective office. Zachary Taylor, William Howard Taft. None of these guys ever served in elective office. Of course, George Washington never had previous American elective office to serve in, and he did okay. In fact, he rejected the office. They wanted him to be king, and he rejected it.



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