Did Obama Proclaim End of US Manufacturing at Commencement?

What confuses me here is that both Obamas usually tell people to forget about working and go to work in the government. They generally say, “Don’t go to corporate America. Don’t go get jobs. Stay in the service industry. Stay here in your little town and help other people.” That’s what they normally say. That’s what they both said during the 2008 presidential campaign, and Moochelle particularly was in some Ohio town and she was telling people there, “Don’t aspire to go to work for some big corporation. Don’t pursue the big money,” but it’s not altogether untrue that in the old days if you didn’t have an education, you could still get a job at a factory. It didn’t pay a whole lot, but it was true. You don’t know that that’s what he was advocating. I didn’t hear the whole speech so I don’t really have the context of what you’re commenting on. I really should have that in front of me to be better equipped to respond to what you’re saying.



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