Classless, Arrogant Obama on Display in Texas Amnesty Speech

Instead of going to El Paso and pushing for amnesty, shouldn’t Obama be going to Mississippi and all these other flooded states? I mean, he’s got the ability to lower the sea levels. Why does he not put it to use? The Mississippi River is flooding in historic ways, and Obama goes down to El Paso, Texas. He’s talked about lowering the sea levels. I guess that means he can also lower a river’s level, but he seems not to care much. Isn’t the flooding going on along all along the Mississippi far worse than the flooding that occurred in New Orleans after Katrina? Certainly the Mississippi River flooding is far more widespread. Where’s FEMA?

Where’s the media’s outrage at Obama’s lack of concern and lack of action? Where’s the looting? Where are all those stories that we saw during Katrina all along the Mississippi River? Where are those stories out of Memphis? We don’t see ’em. We don’t even have a president who gives a hoot, it doesn’t appear. In fact, I’m surprised Obama was able even to get such an agreeable audience for his amnesty speech (you know, Texas is such a sensible state even the Hispanics vote Republican down there), but he did. And we’ll get to all of that in due course with the sliming attack, the petulant, thin-skinned…



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