What We Need in a 2012 Candidate

The first thing I’m looking for is fearlessness, conviction, someone unafraid to express the core beliefs, a willingness to teach, an enthusiasm to convert. Somebody that’s not concerned with media attention, will welcome the media’s attention as an obvious opportunity to expand the number of people who understand what he believes. Somebody that’s optimistic. Somebody who believes in the country. Somebody who is unafraid of talking about the greatness of the country and is unafraid of talking about what the risks are that we face with four more years of this guy.

I’ve already got the campaign slogan: “We can’t afford four more years of Barack Obama!” That’s it, and then people say, “Why?” and I’m off to the races with my reasons, and I got an hour’s worth of reasons with an entertaining speech of why — informative, and so forth. That person has to be out there. There has to be somebody out there that can do that. That person has to be there, and that person has to have in his heart or her heart. Look, I know… I get in trouble. I know that there are people who are exactly as I’ve described. Their communications skills might not be what you would want, but they’re there. These people have what I just mentioned. They’re fearless. They are optimistic and so forth.



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