10 Nov 2015

This is the scariest poll of the year for Democrats

You’d think liberals would realize that lying doesn’t work anymore. Check it out: Put aside all the daily campaign controversies, and the 2016 election will hinge on one thing: Will the coalition of voters who twice showed up in large numbers to elect President Obama turn out to vote for

02 Nov 2015

Hillary Cannot Tell the Truth

She has told so many lies that the truth is impossible to see. Check it out: In her immediate post-Benghazi appearance on the “Rachel Maddow Show,” former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton must have been feeling pretty good — like she could get away with anything. Perhaps that’s why she

30 Oct 2015

Cruz accuses McConnell of working for Dems

I’m so tired of Republicans not fighting for the sake of getting along. Check it out: Sen. Ted Cruz, the Texas Republican presidential candidate, conducted a 90-minute takedown late Thursday of his own Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, who he characterized by name as a weak leader unwilling to fight for

26 Oct 2015

GOP Builds Christian Voter Army

If Christians would get out and vote our elected conservatives would take over all levels of government. Check it out: The Republican Party has undertaken a massive plan to engage millions of churchgoing Christian voters who did not vote in 2012. The GOP’s director of faith engagement calls them, “the

20 Oct 2015

Ten days later, GOP no closer on a speaker candidate

This is why we need to elect more conservatives. Check it out: After 10 days away from Washington, House Republicans will return to work on Tuesday no closer to finding a new speaker than when they left on Oct. 9. When they left, Republican hopes were pinned on House Ways

13 Oct 2015

Planned Parenthood to Stop Receiving Payments for Fetal Tissue

This is nowhere near close enough to what they need to be doing. But at least they are admitting wrongdoing. Check it out: Planned Parenthood no longer will accept payments for aborted fetal tissue, after a string of undercover videos highlighted its participation in the practice and put the group

13 Oct 2015

GOP to Obama: See, We Told You Iran Would Cheat

Do they think Obama cares? He probably helped them cheat! Check it out: Top Republicans in Congress criticized the administration’s strategy in Iran on Monday, saying recent actions prove President Obama made a mistake in securing a nuclear deal with a country that cannot be trusted. Over the weekend, Iran

08 Oct 2015

Hillary’s Leftward Tack On Immigration And Guns Has Risks For November

What makes liberals think that anything liberal actually works? Check it out: You win the presidency, Richard Nixon supposedly observed, by tacking right in the primaries and to the center in the general election. Hillary Clinton seems to be following that strategy except, as a Democrat, she is tacking to

28 Sep 2015

Pelosi: I Haven’t Seen Planned Parenthood Videos, But They’re Doctored

Does she does read or watch anything before she votes on it? Check it out: House Minority Leader Nanci Pelosi, D-Calif., questioned the truthfulness of the undercover videos that show Planned Parenthood employees discussing the harvesting and sale of fetal organs, while admitting that she has not watched the videos.

26 Sep 2015

Who Will Be The Next Speaker Of The House?

May the most conservative candidate win. Check it out: The decision by House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, to resign in October will force a new election for House speaker in the coming weeks, and two names are already coming to mind. One is House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., the

21 Sep 2015

Castro Praises Pope’s Anti-Capitalism Stance

Does this mean we have the first Communist Pope? Check it out: Pope Francis has arrived in Havana this afternoon and starts a historic 10-day visit to Cuba and the United States, according to reports. Cuban President Raul Castro welcomed Pope Francis in a long speech at the airport. In

16 Sep 2015

McConnell announces ‘Plan B’ to stop Iran deal

Now all of a sudden he wants to stand up against the deal? Where has Johnny come lately been all year? Check it out: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced a “Plan B” to halt a nuclear deal that would lift sanctions against Iran. The measure, which Republican aides said

25 Aug 2015

Here’s What Clinton’s Classified Emails Discussed

Hillary has zero respect for national security. Check it out: Hillary Clinton’s classified emails contain discussions of conversations with foreign diplomats, issues with embassy security and relations with countries from Russia to China. The broad range of information that was deemed classified by the State Department — just within the

13 Aug 2015

Record 42.1 million immigrants in U.S.

When your national population is 318.9 million, 42.1 million is certainly an invasion. Check it out: A new analysis of legal and illegal immigrant counts by the Census Bureau revealed Thursday that there is a record 42.1 million in the United States, an explosion that is being driven by Mexicans

11 Aug 2015

Nancy Reagan invites 16 candidates to CNN GOP presidential debate

Hopefully they will divide them up into the RINO group and the Conservative group. Check it out: Former first lady Nancy Reagan is inviting 16 Republican candidates to participate in the CNN/Reagan Library presidential debate. Candidates must achieve an average of at least 1 percent of support in three national

28 Jul 2015

Third Planned Parenthood video released: ‘Huge trafficking of fetal tissues’

It keeps getting worse. Check it out: A third Planned Parenthood video was released Tuesday morning that features a whistleblower who says her biomedical company would compensate Planned Parenthood clinics for fetal organs based on their condition and quality after being extracted from an abortion. Holly O’Donnell is a former

24 Jul 2015

IRS loopholes may allow targeting scandal to continue

It is pitiful that Lerner is not in jail. Check it out: Internal Revenue Service procedures for selecting nonprofit groups to be audited are filled with holes that could allow the tax agency to discriminate against certain organizations, a new report shows. The findings suggest IRS officials could single out

14 Jul 2015

276 Sanctuary Cities Let 8,145 Illegal Offenders Free In Just 8 Months, 17,000 Total

This is beyond disgusting. Is there no regard for law? Check it out: Some 276 “sanctuary cities,” nearly 50 percent more than previously revealed, released over 8,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records or facing charges free despite federal requests that they be turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for

29 Jun 2015

Joe Biden’s sons pushed him to run in 2016

The Democrat debate of who can make the biggest government tyranny will be interesting. Check it out: Vice President Joe Biden’s sons reportedly pushed him to launch a 2016 presidential bid. According to the Wall Street Journal, it was his son Beau, who died last month of brain cancer at

22 Jun 2015

Ann Coulter Declares Trump Has Best Chance To Win

I have been surprised with the positive response Trump has gotten from non-media people on facebook. Check it out: Conservative author and pundit Ann Coulter is touting Donald Trump as the best hope for the Republican Party in a general election, she told HBO’s “Real Time” on Friday. Her pick

19 Jun 2015

Obama Complains Public Has ‘Forgotten’ His Successes, Calling Him an ‘Idiot’

His idea of success is why people hate what he has done to America. Check it out: He has 18 months left to fulfill his “Yes we can” agenda, but President Obama is frustratingly finding that his supporters have already forgotten what he’s done and even think he’s an “idiot”

18 Jun 2015

New York Times Bipolar on Hillary

Figuring out liberal feelings is like herding cats. Check it out: The New York Times editorial board has come out in favor of several of Hillary Clinton’s policy positions in the last few weeks, a jarring show of support when compared to many of the Times’ stories that have broken

27 May 2015

Clinton Foundation hit with racketeering lawsuit

How sad is it that Hillary is still considered a serious candidate? Check it out: Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation have been hit with a racketeering lawsuit in Florida court. The lawsuit, filed by Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch, includes a legal request to have the Florida

22 May 2015

Thank Fracking for Memorial Day Driving on the Cheap

Obama is very disappointed that gas is not over $4 a gallon. Check it out: The oil industry is touting shale oil and fracking for making Memorial Day driving more affordable this weekend. “Thanks to hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, the U.S. is experiencing a renaissance in domestic oil and