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Obama Has Lost His Speaking Mojoobama5cropped

Barack Obama’s oratory skills may have helped him win the White House in 2008, but his speaking prowess could be a liability in this year’s presidential election, says Sam Leith, author of Words Like Loaded Pistols: Rhetoric From Aristotle to … Continue reading

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Nazis Get Their Own Lobbyist1239856

So Rep. Allen West thinks the Democratic Party is full of communists? Wait until he gets a load of the new Nazi lobbyist. No, seriously. On Tuesday, the same day that West was fantasizing about 80 members of Congress being … Continue reading

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Obama’s Super, Super PACimages9806345

The uncharted waters of Super PACs just became a bit murkier. President Barack Obama’s Priorities USA Action, along with the Democratic Senate’s Super PAC, Majority PAC, and the Democratic House Majority PAC are combining to form the country’s first-ever joint … Continue reading

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Poll: Obama Re-election Is Americans’ Top Fearobama

When it comes to how Americans view President Obama going into the new year, there appears to be very little spirit of Auld Lang Syne. Instead, according to the new Washington Whispers poll, many voters aren’t forgetting what they dislike … Continue reading

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New Obama Slogan: Not Superman, Just A Dude!obamasuperman_1

Forget all of those Drudge Report headlines about the vacationing first lady’s $2,000 sun dress, the president’s six-plus hour golf outings, and their three-hour, $100-a-person dinner tasting at posh Alan Wong’s restaurant in Honolulu. Because the president’s 2012 campaign has … Continue reading

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