16 Sep 2015

What to Look For in Tonight’s Debate

Should be fun. Though they should have only taken the top half of the field. Check it out: The first Republican debate, hosted last month by Fox News, drew an unprecedented 24 million viewers. The second one, to be broadcast here Wednesday by CNN, could be even bigger. The draw:

20 May 2015

Earnest On Fall Of Ramadi: ‘Are We Going To Light Our Hair On Fire Every Time There’s A Setback In Campaign Against ISIL?’

So ridiculous. How sad is it that Obama is the only one calling them ISIL? Check it out: At Tuesday’s press briefing White House press secretary Josh Earnest said while the strategy overall against ISIS has been a success, there have been some setbacks. Commenting on the fail of Ramadi,

26 Feb 2015

Bill Nye’s Solution For Jews In Europe: “Get To Know Your Neighbors” Better; Israel “Not Their Home”

Think of this the next time your children are being taught about evolution from this clown. Check it out: On Friday’s edition of Real Time with Bill Maher his panel took on the topic of the growing anti-Semitism in Europe. Panelist Bill Nye took exception to the invitation Prime Minister

08 Nov 2014

Rick Perry’s N.H. Trip to Kick Off ’16 Campaign Season

Perry is someone conservatives can get excited about. With his full attention on 2016 you can be sure this will be a fun campaign. Check it out: Just when you thought we were finally out of campaign mode, Rick Perry is coming to New Hampshire. The outgoing Texas governor and

27 Oct 2014

Capito Win Could Cap GOP Transformation of W.V.

This is happening in Democrat strongholds across the nation. Check it out: Almost every political observer agrees that Rep. Shelley Moore Capito will be Sen. Shelley Moore Capito when the next Congress convenes. Almost every political observer also agrees that it won’t even be close; Capito leads her opponent, Secretary

12 Sep 2014

Pelosi: ‘Civilization As We Know It Would Be In Jeopardy If Republicans Win The Senate’

Pelosi and reality don’t really go hand in hand. Check it out: BILL MAHER: I want to ask you about this election that’s coming up because now the campaign has been kicked off. Nate Silver said the other day it looks like actually the Republicans are going to win the

11 Sep 2014

McCain Smacks Down Jay Carney On Live TV: ‘Facts are stubborn things Mr. Carney’

Liberals never care about facts. Check it out: Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and newly minted CNN contributor and former Obama press secretary Jay Carney spar over the Iraq war and if the current situation in Iraq and Syria could have been avoided. CARNEY: I think we have to agree to

17 Jul 2014

Obama vows to reduce deportations

Is this a joke? I had to check and make sure this wasn’t an Onion or SNL article. Check it out: President Obama reassured members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Wednesday that he will flex his executive muscle later this year to be “as great and big and bold as

06 Jun 2014

Bergdahl Still In Hospital Suggests ‘Witness Tampering’ By Obama Officials

Obama loves to be the puppet master. Check it out: That’s why it looks as if they are trying to make up reasons to justify a presidential decision that was based probably on the desire to begin to empty Gitmo. And secondly, on the traditional idea of trying to get

30 May 2014

Reporters Mock State Dept. Spokeswoman For Saying Obama ‘Doesn’t Give Himself Enough Credit’

How naive do these liberals think we are? Obama has made America a joke in the world. Check it out: JEN PSAKI: I would argue the president doesn’t give himself enough credit for what he’s done around the world. And that’s how the secretary feels too. We would not be

05 Mar 2014

Wife Accuses Rep. Grayson of Domestic Violence

Somehow this is not really a surprise. Check it out: A Florida judge issued a temporary protective injunction against U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson after his wife, who filed for divorce earlier this year, accused him of pushing and injuring her during an argument, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Grayson has

11 Nov 2013

College Students On Probation For Pulling Gun To Defend Against Intruder

Liberals never seem to get that stopping bad guys is ok. Check it out: Two seniors from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington were placed on indefinite probation Sunday after pulling a gun to defended themselves when a six-time felon attempted to enter their apartment.

14 Oct 2013

Bob Costas Weighs In On Redskins Controversy: “It’s An Insult, A Slur”

Hey Bob. The only ones offended are you and your liberal buddies. The tribes that designed the logo and named the team like it. Maybe you need to stick to calling football plays, than again you don’t even do that very well. Check it out: BOB COSTAS: With Washington playing

23 Sep 2013

Why Obama May Lose the Shutdown Battle

What I want to see is the American people win and be free from the ObamaCare train wreck. Check it out: President Barack Obama, fresh from having his lunch money taken from him by Russia’s Vladimir Putin, is flailing about trying to find someone he can shift the public’s attention

08 Aug 2013

Obama Lied Claiming There’s No Domestic Spying Program

Did Obama think anyone actually bought this after IRS, NSA, DOJ, AP, and every other crazy scandal he has been involved in? Check it out: President Obama claimed that there is no domestic spying program on an appearance on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno. However, Representative Justin Amash (R-Michigan)

03 Aug 2013

Dems Want Federal Bailout of Detroit

Liberals want to spend money with zero consequences. Check it out: A new national poll from Quinnipiac University shows that a majority Democrats believe the federal government should bail out Detroit, but an even larger majority of Americans oppose such a move. Fifty-one percent of Democrats support Washington providing federal

23 Jun 2013

Nancy Pelosi Booed For Calling Edward Snowden A Criminal

Seems that the people are glad for what he has done. Check it out: Speaking at the Netroots Nation conference in San Jose, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Edward Snowden “did violate the law in terms of releasing those documents,” prompting loud boos and heckling from the crowd.

21 Mar 2013

Reporter Confronts Obama About His Mideast Failures

CHUCK TODD, NBC NEWS: Mr. President, I want to follow up a little bit on the peace process. You began your term, your first term, big fanfare, Cairo speech, to talk to the Muslim world, the decision to have a Middle East envoy early, you said you weren’t going to

16 Mar 2013

Levin On Cruz Fight: Feinstein Trying To “Deny You Your Bill Of Rights”

“If they can deny you one right, they can deny you all of them,” Mark Levin opined on today’s fight between Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Dianne Feinstein on gun control.

14 Mar 2013

Rick Perry Slams McCain, Romney At CPAC, Says They Aren’t Conservative

“The popular media narrative is that this country has shifted away from conservative ideals, as evidenced by the last two presidential elections. That’s what they say. That might be true if Republicans had actually nominated conservative candidates in 2008 and 2012,” Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) said in his address at

13 Mar 2013

Christie Zings Town Hall Heckler

“Believe me, I hear you, you’re the star, absolutely,” said Christie. “We can yell and scream at each other, or we can try to answer the questions.” “Listen sir, I’m not asking you to leave … I invited everybody here so I’m going to let everyone stay until we’re done.”

11 Mar 2013

Obama Flails as Republicans Stand Firm

They’re flailing. That’s the impression I get from watching Barack Obama and his White House over the past week. Things haven’t gone as they expected. The House Republicans were supposed to cave in on the sequester, as they did on the fiscal cliff at the beginning of the year. They

24 Feb 2013

Rick Perry Won’t Back Down On Gov’t Handouts In TX

Gov. Rick Perry, who authored the memorably titled book “Fed Up!” before launching a presidential run in 2011, is again demonstrating his skeptical view of a federal government that comes bearing gifts for his state — even as many of his Republican colleagues have changed their tune. On Wednesday, Florida

07 Feb 2013

Jon Stewart Tears Into Obama Hypocrisy

Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show” addresses a leaked government document that details the legal argument supporting the president’s use of drones to kill eventual Al Qaeda suspects. “We don’t mind you knowing about shit that we do, once we don’t do it anymore. We’re happy to share irrelevant information