13 Aug 2015

State tells prison chaplains: Sign pledge to never say homosexuality is a sin, or you’re out

Wonder what they tell Muslims? Check it out: I know what some of you are going to argue. The Commonwealth of Kentucky is not telling preachers they can’t preach 1 Corinthians 6:9-10. They can do that in their churches all they want, no problem. But if they want to work

06 Jul 2015

Oregon imposes gag order on Christian bakers in gay wedding case

This certainly doesn’t seem legal. Check it out: Aaron and Melissa Klein ordered not to talk publicly about their faith. I don’t know if you’ve followed the case of Sweet Cakes by Melissa. This is the now-closed bakery in Oregon that has become a target of state officials because its

01 Jul 2015

A detailed explanation of why Christians don’t accept gay marriage

Christians that claim the bible doesn’t condemn homosexuality don’t really read what is written. Check it out: The Christian (present company included) believes that the entire Bible is the inspired Word of God. The various writers wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, so we don’t believe it was

05 Mar 2014

Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings loses his mind after Lois Lerner pleads the Fifth

Liberals love to cry when their hypocrisy is shown for what it is. Check it out: Moments ago, embattled ex-Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner appeared before Darrell Issa’s House Oversight Committee. She was supposedly there to answer questions about the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups. You may remember

19 Dec 2013

Phil Robertson can’t cite Scripture, but these prancing dudes are brought to you by ObamaCare!

This is sick. How disgusting we getting in our liberal government. Good luck watching the video without gagging. Check it out: Health insurance for the man’s man. In the interest of getting the story right, it does not appear this is put out by the administration per se, although it’s

15 Dec 2013

New Glock Commercial Sure To Infuriate Liberals Everywhere

This is how you stop bad guys with a gun. Check it out: You’d think the party that claims to support strong, independent women would love her. OK, no you wouldn’t. Because they don’t. The party in question loves a woman who knows where to go to get government benefits.

11 Nov 2013

Herman Cain speaks on the false charges of infidelity

It is amazing that liberals can lie about conservatives and it somehow works. Yet the truth about liberals is shrugged off as no big deal. Check it out: I refuse to leave my reputation under a dark cloud that has no relation to the truth. On September 24, 2011, I

09 Sep 2013

Kerry claims he backed the Grenada invasion as a senator in 1983

How liberal liars have any credibility is unbelievable. Check it out: He wasn’t a senator at the time. Oh, and here’s what he actually said about it. Oops. One of the things liars tend to do is respond with overwrought indignation when you call them out as liars. And usually

15 May 2013

Ex-NAACP chairman: IRS should target Tea Party because it’s ‘racist,’ or ‘the Taliban,’ or something…

Sometimes liberals don’t realize how dumb they sound. Thinking before they speak is not a strong point. Check it out: You may remember the outcry when, back in 2004, the NAACP was the subject of an IRS audit. They claimed the action was anti-1st Amendment and a racist persecution. So,

02 Apr 2013

13-year-old suspended for bringing butter knife to school

What a joke. So what do they use in the cafeteria? Heck you could cause more harm with forks then this dull blade. Check it out: Welcome to Wamsutta Middle School in Attleboro Massachusetts, where bringing a butter knife to school will land you a suspension. That was the fate

04 Feb 2013

How useless is the UN in stopping Iran nukes? Completely!

Why have resolutions and “inspections” if they mean nothing? You might have seen over the weekend that U.S. and European Union officials are hopeful that Iran will show up in Kazakhstan for talks concerning Iran’s development of nuclear weapons, which the west is hoping to stop, or maybe just “contain”

04 Feb 2013

Regardless of your views on homosexuality, it should bother everyone in America that this is happening

I really don’t care what you think about homosexuality – whether you accept the biblical teaching that it’s abhorrent in the eyes of God; whether you think it’s perfectly natural and fine; whether you think it’s awesome in every way. For the purposes of this discussion, I really don’t care.

03 Dec 2012

Obama voters, you won! Here’s your prize

President Obama won the popular vote by 50.6 percent. OK, those of you that voted for him, you won. But you did not win the lottery. Here’s what you won. You won a president who wants unlimited federal spending powers with no federal debt ceiling. Would you give unlimited credit