04 Jun 2016

VIDEO: Ramadan Brings Threats of New ISIS Attacks

ISIS wants to take advantage of Ramadan

02 Jun 2016

WATCH 3 Men Break Through Border Security In Front of Breitbart Reporters

Apparently a good set of sneakers and a little timing can get you across.

27 May 2016

Beijing risks stoking new arms race with latest move

Tensions with Communist China continue to ratchet up.

24 May 2016

State Dept Finally Does Something FAST

State Dept. sets single-day record

23 May 2016

UNREAL! Hillary Encouraged Her Staffer to do WHAT?

If this had been a conservative, they would be tried, convicted and incarcerated by now.

18 May 2016

WHOA! US Navy Releases Video of Russian Fighters Buzzing Destroyer & MORE!

At one point, a jet flies so close, someone on the destroyer is heard saying “Oh my God.”

16 May 2016

Senate Makes DEMAND to Obama over National Security Adviser

Rhodes goes MIA at congressional grilling amid the deepening scandal….

12 May 2016

New email reveals Hillary violated MORE than just email security…

Remember when Hillary said she would be there for that 3 AM call when it came. Well, here is more proof that that wasn’t going to happen. When her secure line did not work, she abandoned it for her home phone. Yes, really! That is what this latest email revelation is

03 May 2016

Terrorism Fears Rise Under Obama’s New Plan

“Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!”

02 May 2016

Election fraud feared: Has Your Voter Record Been Compromised?

Election fraud feared as hackers target voter records

29 Apr 2016

Russian Pilots Barrel Rolls Air Force RC-135 Again [VIDEO]

The Russian pilot who did this latest barrel roll over another RC-135 has either got to be a hot dog or operating on orders. Neither scenario is good. If you assume that the pilot is hot dogging then it indicates that the Russians don’t have much disciple. That means mishaps,

28 Apr 2016

Congress: Women Will Register for the Draft

Why does Congress think that women want to register for the draft?  Certainly, women are equal to the challenge for the draft. It is apparent that they can do most of the jobs that are required in the service of our nation. What Congress and the Pentagon choose to ignore is empirical truth

23 Apr 2016

Why Hillary’s Violations Are Deemed Intentional

After reading this you can see why anyone would love to be a prosecuting attorney in this case.

22 Apr 2016

Will Obama Continue the Apology Tour with Japan?

The President of the United States, Barack Obama,  and his Secretary of State Minion, John Kerry, have become notorious for apologizing for the United States. In their world view, all of the world’s ills can be laid at this great nation’s feet. It is not outrageous to expect for this act to continue in the upcoming

17 Apr 2016

Deconstructing America

It’s Just Not Who We Are. Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco

16 Apr 2016

Obama Sets NINE More GITMO Prisoners Free

While you weren’t looking the Obama administration released these GITMO prisoners.

16 Apr 2016

State Dept to bring in HOW MANY Syrian refugees per month by September?

This is in order to meet President Obama’s target goal.

01 Apr 2016

White House CENSORS French President [VIDEO]

Here is the recent video of the White House censoring the French President.