25 Nov 2015

Obama Regime Admits It Has Let Terrorists Into the Country as It Pushes Gun Control

Obama thinks terrorists will love us if we’re just nice to them. This is basically sacrificing Americans to try and appease some fake terrorist god. Check it out: Look, there’s some other things going on out there besides the Republican campaign and Trump specifically.  And let me get into a

23 Nov 2015

Trump Takes Heat For Tweet About Black Murder Rates

Black on black murder rates are astronomical. They worry about a speck in their neighbor’s eye when the plank in their eye is quickly growing into a tree. But it seems to be ok since Black Lies Matter. Check it out: Donald Trump is taking heat on social media for

21 Nov 2015

Obama Won’t Hit Islamic State Tankers, Says Drivers Are “Civilians”

Politicians should stay out of military strategy. Check it out: This has been confirmed, too. I first heard about this last night, Fox News Special Report.  Get this.  So here’s what happened.  I didn’t have any backup for this.  I’ve got TV on in the background, I’m doing other things,

20 Nov 2015

Ted Cruz pledges to kill Common Core

This should be the standard for every Republican candidate. Check it out: Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz signed a pledge to kill Common Core if elected. Cruz was the only one of 14 Republican presidential primary candidates at the Florida Sunshine Summit – a conservative rally put on by the state’s

19 Nov 2015

The Coded Message Obama Delivers When He Says ISIL Instead Of Islamic State

This is another reason Obama is the terrorist recruiter of the century. Check it out: DECODING OBAMA’S SPEECH REVEALS SOME STARTLING REVELATIONS “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” Genesis 12:3 (KJV)

18 Nov 2015

Obama’s Syrian Refugee Entrance Form Found!

Obama doesn’t have a clue what he is doing. Check it out: Governors don’t have any real control over the federal government’s decision to accept and place Syrian refugees — but they could frustrate the efforts of federal officials to do so, administration officials acknowledged on Tuesday. Over the past

17 Nov 2015

Syrian ‘Refugee’ Already MISSING IN LOUISIANA

This certainly didn’t take long. How many more will disappear? Check it out: Liberals continue to tell us the “vetting process” for refugees is under control. They insist the federal government is monitoring every Syrian once they make it to America. But, of course, that’s a total fallacy. Take a look

16 Nov 2015

72 House Democrats ask Obama to take in 100,000 Syrian refugees

Why do we help terrorists destroy us? Check it out: A letter was sent to President Obama by 72 House Democrats on Friday asking the President to increase the amount of Syrian refugees the U.S. is taking in to 100,000. They said that America has not done enough to resettle

13 Nov 2015

Note To GOP Establishment, If Mitt Romney Enters The Race This Dog Gets It In The Head

I think this dog is perfectly safe. How sad is it that the establishment can’t accept their candidates aren’t going to win? Check it out: I mean it! If Mitt Romney is shoved down our throats again, I am going to shoot that dog. On Thursday evening, Philip Rucker and

12 Nov 2015

Did Obama Take a Shot at Trump?

How sad is it that Obama takes shots at a Veteran event? Check it out: Here’s Obama.  I think Obama… This is at Arlington Cemetery just moments ago.  I think he’s taking a shot at Trump here.  What do you think?  Listen… OBAMA:  “Our veterans are already making America great

11 Nov 2015

Mizzou ROTC Members Told Not To Wear Their Uniforms To Class Due To Threats

This is beyond pathetic. Black Lies Matter has to be stopped. Check it out: University of Missouri Army ROTC members have been instructed to not wear their uniforms this week, according to a student in the program. The student, who wished to remain anonymous, said a professor of military science

10 Nov 2015

Military and Professional Sports: Who Pays for What?

By Steven A. Castleton When it comes to discussing the relationship between the Department of Defense and Professional Sports, Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake have fumbled the ball. There has been a lot of talk about why the Baltimore Ravens received more money from the Military than any other

06 Nov 2015

Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline, Citing Climate Concerns

This is beyond ridiculous. Now oil will flow to refineries far more polluting than those in U.S. Not to mention the countless jobs lost by this rejection. Check it out: The Obama administration will reject the Keystone XL pipeline, according to people familiar with the decision, capping a politically charged

05 Nov 2015

Leaked DHS memo outlines plan to circumvent amnesty injunction

Liberals don’t think laws apply to them. Check it out: A memo leaked by the Department of Homeland Security reveals once again the federal government’s disregard for both the law and the will of the American people. The Hill reports: From a memo recording these discussions, we now know that the

04 Nov 2015

Obama admin: Transgender boys must be allowed to shower with girls at school

The rights of the girls are thrown out the window so that these perverts can get their feelings satisfied. Check it out: When it rains it pours. This morning Howard Portnoy wrote about a landmark referendum vote in Houston to repeal that city’s LGBT-friendly Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, or HERO. Now comes word

03 Nov 2015

Obama’s Secret Migration Plan

Obama will do anything to get his new dependents in the country. Check it out: President Barack Obama’s deputies have drafted a new quasi-amnesty memo that would allow employers to quickly and cheaply get work-permits to hire millions of lower-wage foreign graduates. If approved by Obama, roughly 3 million guest-workers,

02 Nov 2015

$20 trillion man: National debt doubles during Obama presidency

You would think you’d have something to show for all of this spending. Check it out: When President Obama signs into law the new two-year budget deal Monday, his action will bring into sharper focus a part of his legacy that he doesn’t like to talk about: He is the

31 Oct 2015

Kasich: I Thought CNBC ‘Did A Good Job’

This certainly won’t help Kasich’s numbers. Check it out: MRCTV’s Brittany Hughes asked Ohio Gov. John Kasich about how he felt about CNBC’s questions and the moderators after last night’s GOP debate. The governor then rattled off how he thought they did a good job, and how he had the

30 Oct 2015

“The Free-Speech Apocalypse”: A Film You May Soon be Prevented From Seeing

It’s time for Conservatives to stand up and demand their freedom. Check it out: In 2012, Pastor Douglas Wilson was invited to speak at Indiana University on the topic of  Sexuality from a biblical perspective, in a lecture series titled; “Sexual by Design”. Indiana University is home of the infamous

28 Oct 2015

Mark Levin and Senator Tom Coburn: How to solve the debt crisis

We have to take away Washington’s power once and for all. Check it out: Here are some highlights: Mark Levin: “I don’t see any way out of this, I don’t care how many Republicans we elect. Do you?” Senator Coburn: “You’re never going to get 67 Republicans that have the

28 Oct 2015

Dem Lies About Trump on House Floor

Liberals are starting to worry about Trump. Check it out: Trump is getting it from all sides now as Luis Gutierrez, our old buddy from Illinois, a Democrat member of Congress that was desperately hoping we’d have amnesty by now. He had already set up procedures for it; Obama let

26 Oct 2015

Lenin Statue Transformed into Darth Vader in the Ukraine

I can think of a few liberal statues I’d like to replace like this! Check it out: The Ukraine recently banned any communist symbols displayed in the country, including statues like the one of Vladimir Lenin in Odessa. Luckily, local artist Aleksander Milov had an idea to transform the statue

24 Oct 2015

Two Days After NYPD Officer Murdered, Anti-Cop Rally Held In Times Square

Black Lives Matters is a racist, terrorist, hate group that needs to be done away with. Check it out: Just two short days after Officer Randolph Holder was gunned down in the line of duty, a group called Rise Up October is holding an anti-cop rally in the heart of

23 Oct 2015

Did the EPA try to create its own militia?

They already have overbearing power, this would just put them into Storm Trooper status. Check it out: Click here to stop government Storm Troopers A congressional committee will investigate reports that the Environmental Protection Agency wasted billions of dollars, including an effort to create its own militia with a prosecution