31 Mar 2017

WHOA! WikiLeaks EXPOSES New Information on the CIA

These capabilities created plausible deniability.

30 Mar 2017

BREAKING: These Two White House officials were Nunes’ sources

What does this mean and how will the Democrats react?

25 Mar 2017

FBI Warns of the Coming ISIS Diaspora

What will this mean to national security? You might be surprised.

24 Mar 2017

Seriously? The MAR-A-LAGO Act?

More unhinged Democrats.

23 Mar 2017

Rahm Emanuel’s Private Email Revelations are Shaking Up Chicago

A rock has been turned over in Chicago, and all kinds of revelations are scattering out.

22 Mar 2017

DEVELOPING: Malware found on Trump Tower Servers? [Video]

Laying a false trail to the Russians??

18 Mar 2017

Developing: CNN being Investigated

In a cruel twist of fate for the darling of the liberal media, CNN itself is now being investigated

17 Mar 2017

A Very Suspicious Turn of Events Happened Days After Preet Bharara was Fired

Even by New York City standards this seems like a rather bold slap in the face to the public.

12 Mar 2017

ACLU to Launch a Training Facility For WHAT?

Want to know what you can get away with? Check this out.

11 Mar 2017

FOX News Reporter Reportedly LOSES IT in White House Briefing Room on Another Reporter!!

A Fox News reporter allegedly accosted a Gateway Pundit reporter