Hillary Clinton has re-entered the political arena and it’s as ugly as ever [Video]

Hillary Clinton has re-entered the political arena. Observing what she is saying and doing, leads to a singular conclusion. It is apparent that she will use all her influence to delegitimatize President Donald Trump. You could even look at this as a revenge operation. If she cannot be President, then nobody can. She has no political office or position. Let her go write books and walk in the woods.

As Written by  BEN KAMISAR AND AMIE PARNES for The Hill:

Hillary Clinton is moving back into the spotlight as the vanquished Democratic presidential nominee seeks to carve out her role during the Trump administration.

It’s a step she’s taking cautiously after stepping away from the political arena for roughly two months at the urging of her friends and associates. During that time, she emerged in public only for an occasional speech or college appearance.

But March represented a turning point as Clinton ratcheted up her opposition to Trump on Twitter and made three public speeches.

With her new rallying cry of “Resist, persist, insist, enlist,” Clinton is keeping up her fight against Trump while giving Democrats space to find a new person to carry the torch in 2020.

“She’s always been someone who gets out there and fights for what she thinks is right,” one former Clinton campaign staffer told The Hill.


Don’t look now: Hillary’s back | TheHill





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