AG Sessions Latest Help for Police Departments

Under the Obama administration, Police departments were forced into reform agreements, but Attorney General Sessions is now taking all those agreements under review. The goal is to undo all those reforms that were detrimental to police safety and morale. This is to uphold the President’s pledge to support and defend the thin blue line.

As Written By Sari Horwitz, Mark Berman and Wesley Lowery for the Washington Times:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered Justice Department officials to review reform agreements with troubled police forces nationwide, saying it was necessary to ensure these pacts do not work against the Trump administration’s goals of promoting officer safety and morale while fighting violent crime.

In a two-page memo released Monday, Sessions said agreements reached previously between the department’s civil rights division and local police departments — a key legacy of the Obama administration — will be subject to review by his two top deputies, throwing into question whether all of the agreements will stay in place.

The memo was released not long before the department’s civil rights lawyers asked a federal judge to postpone until at least the end of June a hearing on a sweeping police reform agreement, known as a consent decree, with the Baltimore police department that was announced just days before President Trump took office.

“The Attorney General and the new leadership in the Department are actively developing strategies to support the thousands of law enforcement agencies across the country that seek to prevent crime and protect the public,” Justice officials said in their filing. “The Department is……


Sessions orders Justice Department to review all police reform agreements – The Washington Post



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