Why would the Trump admin support this Obama policy?

The National Association of Secretaries of State came out strongly against the Obama DHS election policy that election systems are “critical infrastructure.” Constitutionally, elections are the sole responsibility of the State and Local governments. This is feared to be a Federal takeover of elections. The Trump administration is seemingly not going to overturn this policy. The VP is reviewing. Will Trump strike it down?

As Written By Richard Pollock for the Daily Caller:

Officials with the Department of Homeland Security are deciding to continue a last-minute Obama administration policy designating state-run election systems as “critical infrastructure,” which gives the federal government new and expansive authority over elections.

The policy was so unpopular among state officials, the National Association of Secretaries of State rejected the designation Feb. 18 and appealed to the Trump administration for a reversal of the policy.

DHS official David Hess, acting as a Trump senior administration official who is performing the duties of the department’s undersecretary, affirmed the Obama administration’s previous policy in a March 6 letter to NASS President Denise W. Merrill.

Hess reaffirmed the special federal designation for election machinery as “critical infrastructure,” claiming it will help state election officials and saying it “enables DHS to prioritize its assistance to……


Trump Refuses to Overturn Obama Election Policy | The Daily Caller



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