The Tale of Our Two Parties

In this tale of the two political parties, the Dems on the left and the Pubs on the right is a sad story indeed. One party has stooped to the lowest levels of behavior and specializes in the tools of personal destruction. The other party has not developed a spine and its specialty is eating its own. The are both so bound in partisan politics and survival, that the nation goes wanting for real leadership and management. Aka…. the more reason to drain the swamp.

As Written By Patricia McCarthy for American Thinker:

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness[.]”  –Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

One of America’s two major political parties has devolved into a gang of thugs.  All they are missing are the neck tattoos that say take out the ‘pubs.  That would be the Democrats.  So bent on avenging their loss to Donald Trump, they are willing to descend into the depths of Hell to take him and his team down and out.  The other party, the Republicans, the ones who supposedly believe in smaller government and individual liberty, the ones who control all three branches of government now, have become so afraid of their own shadows that they behave like a minority party, like losers.  The question of the day is, can Trump save them from themselves?

Can Trump weather the nonstop attacks by venal Democrats like Sen. Charles Schumer and his coterie of henchmen, who are only too happy to go on every news program available to accuse Trump, Jeff Sessions, Mike Pence, etc. of every crime against the country they can invent and then exaggerate?  The more outrageous their assertions, the better for all the far left not-news anchors like Chris Matthews, Chuck Todd, Jake Tapper, George Stephanopoulos, Bill Maher, those unlovely ladies of The View, etc.  There are no rules, there is no honor, when it comes to taking out a Republican.  The only rules are Alinsky rules.

The Democrats have a long and storied history of the personal destruction of opponents of their Marxist agenda – from Robert Bork to Clarence Thomas (they failed there, to the nation’s enormous blessing) to the countless nominees over the years for Republican Cabinet positions like Michael Flynn and Andy Puzder this time.  They leave no stone unturned to get their way.  So far they have claimed two good men, so they are emboldened and doubling down for more.

Their current group effort is to take down Jeff Sessions, one of the finest men ever to serve his state and the nation, for doing what all senators do – meeting with a foreign ambassador – and forgetting to mention it to the odious Sen. Al Franken.  It’s beginning to look like a carefully crafted setup.  Obama, in the waning days of his administration, began surveiling, illegally, numerous people with the Trump campaign and sharing the information gathered, like transcripts of private phone conversations, with numerous agencies previously not privy to classified material of this type.  The plan to leak these classified documents to the press was then executed.   It does not matter if the leaked info is fake; it just has to get out to the gullible public, the people they believe are so ……


Blog: A tale of two parties



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