Snoop Dogg is not the only liberal whacko who is obsessed with assassinating Trump

The hate-filled and defeated alt-left Hollywooders and drive-by media have lost all sense of morality. When you can fantasize and endorse assassinating the  President of the United States, you are no longer considered a rational human being. It is also seditious and wrong. NO! It is not an expression of art. It is just plain hate.

As Written By Dan Gainor for Fox News:

Snoop Dogg’s new video depicting a “mock-assassination” of President Donald Trump is disturbing enough. But it’s part of a dangerous trend of the left fantasizing about the death or assassination of presidents they oppose — especially Trump.

It’s terrifying to think the left has devolved from lamenting the JFK assassination to seeing the death of Trump as either political theater or wishful thinking.

The left has graduated quickly from producing a song titled, F*** Donald Trump, performed by YG with G-Eazy and pop star Macklemore, and violently attacking Trump supporters. Now they’re talking about “blowing up the White House,” bringing back would-be presidential assassin John Hinckley or shooting that “motherf***er.”

This all becomes more important since there has already been one assassination attempt on Trump, a June 18, 2016, attack that went under-reported. Then there was the time during the early part of the 2016 campaign when another man charged his stage March 12, 2016, and had to be tackled by Secret Service. Add in the hundreds of arrests at the anti-Trump inauguration riot and several arrests for threats against the president and it appears that there is a terrifying liberal penchant for endangering the life of the president and reveling in it. Twitter has also become a home for the left’s assassination fascination……..


Snoop Dogg — not the only liberal lunatic obsessed with assassinating Trump | Fox News





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