Sheriff: Where is the Sanctuary for our Citizens?

Citizens need sanctuary too? Well isn’t that an original thought! Leave it to Sheriff David Clarke to point out another double standard held to by the alt-left progressive Democrats. The political leaders of all these sanctuary cities, counties, and States are all uber left agenda-pushing politicians who have no concern for the ordinary citizen.

As Written By Sheriff David Clarke for The Hill:

Recently, an illegal immigrant in Stamford, CT, a sanctuary city, allegedly raped a three-year-old girl; one state over, the grief-stricken families of teenage girls who were killed with machetes and baseball bats finally saw their illegal immigrant murderers indicted.

Ten of the 15 arrested were in the country illegally. Against this backdrop, a group of non-compliant sanctuary city “law-unenforcement” executives signed a letter calling those who wish to enforce already existing immigration law “extremists.”

That is a great political statement straight from the Democrat Party talking points, but as far as a public safety policy statement it is flawed on several fronts.

Let’s put the talking points away and have a serious discussion.

The letter, addressed to the U.S. Senate, was a response to President Trump’s January executive order threatening to withhold federal funds to those sanctuary cities that refused to comply with federal immigration law. Oh, and it does add a request of their own: they still want the federal funds. I was taught at a young age that you can’t have your cake and eat it too. That applies here.

To be clear, what is being asked of police is no more than to hold illegal aliens if they commit crimes or are subject to deportation until Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials can take custody of the criminal illegal alien.

Why is that so extreme?

As if they thought no one would notice the glaring inconsistency, the letter opens by repeating their commitment to the safety of the…..


Where is the sanctuary for our citizens? | TheHill



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