Seriously? The MAR-A-LAGO Act?

When I first saw the MAR-A-LAGO Act introduced by the Democrats, I thought it was a joke. The thought that Democrats and open government would be in the same sentence was laughable. But they are serious, it appears. Suddenly it is important to know who has access to the President, anytime, anyplace. Before they submit it, could we see the Hawaii logs for President Obama? Point made.


As Written by Daniel Chaitin for the Washington Examiner:

Democrats are introducing a bill that would require the publication of visitor logs at the White House or any other place President Trump visits.

The kicker is the bill’s acronym is the MAR-A-LAGO Act, which is the name of Trump’s resort in Palm Springs, Fla., where he has stayed on several weekends since becoming president. It stands for the “Making Access Records Available to Lead American Government Openness Act.”

One of the five Democrats to introduce a House and Senate version, Sen. Tom Udall, D-Utah, said in a tweet on Friday: “Americans deserve transparency from their government. Our MAR-A-LAGO Act will require disclosure of visitor logs at WH & Trump properties………


Democrats introduce MAR-A-LAGO Act for Trump visitor logs | Washington Examiner



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