Secret Service Agent’s Laptop Gets Stolen

A Secret Service Agent has been the victim of theft. What makes it newsworthy is the item that was stolen. It was a Secret Service laptop. It contains sensitive information. The search for it is called “frantic.” I would not want to be that thief at this time. The really weird part is that the Agent could have taken better precautions. EVERYONE knows you do NOT leave laptops in your car, even in your own driveway.


  • A Secret Service agent’s laptop was reportedly stolen from her vehicle parked in her driveway in Brooklyn, New York Thursday morning 
  • The agency and the NYPD have been frantically trying to find the computer, which reportedly has ‘sensitive’ information that could harm national security
  • The contents of the computer include floor layouts for Trump Tower and information about the Clinton email investigation 
  • A thief was seen on surveillance footage breaking into the car and then walking away with a backpack 

The Secret Service is frantically searching for an agent’s laptop, after it was stolen from inside her parked car in Brooklyn, New York Thursday morning.

NYPD sources, who are aiding in the search, told multiple outlets that the missing laptop has ‘sensitive’ information on it which could compromise national security – including Trump Tower floor plans as well as documents on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and Pope Francis.

‘There’s data on there that’s highly sensitive,’ one police source told the New York Daily News. ‘They’re scrambling like…..


Secret Service agent’s laptop with ‘sensitive’ info STOLEN | Daily Mail Online





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