Rush Limbaugh Exposes Another Media Hit-Job On Trump 

Radio host Rush Limbaugh is always quick to expose the media’s attempts to run hit pieces on any conservative. The media has a mantra of any subject, anytime, hit it if it helps the conservative agenda. This time they tried to cast President Donald Trump as an old meanie bones over a laptop ban. They made it seem as if the president had done it just to spite Muslim travelers. Thay was not the story at all. Mr. Limbaugh puts the facts together so that you can make up your own minds on the matter. Read this and see what you then think. Enjoy!

As Written By James Barrett for the Daily Wire:

During his top-rated radio show last week, Rush Limbaugh took aim at yet another media hit-job on Donald Trump that ended up being a steaming pile of “fake news”: Trump’s so-called “laptop ban” on certain airlines coming out of terror-risk Middle Eastern countries. Several establishment outlets tried to portray the ban of the use of laptops and tablets on airlines entering the U.S. as “retaliation” against… well, somebody, while the far-left Slate hysterically decried it as “xenophobic.” In his take-down of the false narrative, Limbaugh, as usual, had some fun at the media’s expense.

Limbaugh addressed the “laptop ban” nontroversy on Wednesday, as news of the terror attack on British Parliament was streaming in. The host began the discussion by citing a Washington Post piece that read “Trump Won’t Allow You to Use iPads or Laptops on Certain Airlines.”

“Trump,” Limbaugh stressed. “Donald Trump is denying you, if you’re on a certain airline flying into the United States, Donald Trump is denying you the chance to use your electronic device.”

He continued, reading from the Post‘s disingenuous article …..


Limbaugh Exposes Yet Another Media Hit-Job On Trump | Daily Wire




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