President Trump Sends Democrats into Full Panic Mode

The Obama camp and the alt-left media have witnessed the collapse of the Trump-Russia collusion story. They are now caught between a rock and a hard place. To be real clear, there has yet to be any evidence presented and now President Trump has turned the spotlight on the Obama camp. They now find themselves in a no win situation.

As Written Buy Thomas Lifson for the American Thinker:

Make no mistake: the Saturday-morning tweet sent out by President Trump alleging tapping of phones in Trump Tower has changed the political calculus on both sides.  The mainstream media obsessively call his charge “unsupported” by evidence and denigrate it as imprecise and incomplete.  Yet, as Andrew McCarthy – a former assistant U.S. attorney – explains in National Review, “While You Weren’t Looking, the Democrat-Media Election-Hacking Narrative Just Collapsed.”

That narrative depends on:

… [a] third prong, without the support of which the stool would collapse: the impression that the FBI has been feverishly investigating what is said to be the Trump campaign’s collusion in what is said to be the Russian hacking of the election. This reporting is designed to get you saying to yourself: “Why would there be such a zealous investigation by FBI agents – in addition to several other intelligence and law-enforcement agents – unless there really were grave reasons to believe the shocking election-hacking conspiracy narrative?”

Thus, details about investigative activity have been leaked to the media. The press and the Democrats then exploit the leaks to spin the “Trump complicity in Russian election-hacking” story. It seems not to matter how objectively ill-conceived the Russian election-hacking claim is, or how woefully insufficient………


Blog: Behind the collapse of the ‘Russia hacking’ narrative, is panic spreading in the Obama camp?



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