PAY ATTENTION: Facebook Bias Against Conservatives Strikes Again 

Conservative use of social media is rapidly curtailed by the ruling powers of Facebook, Google, and Twitter. All it takes nowadays is for some “troll” to find you, hate you, and then sic the social media admin on you. Zap! You are in Facebook jail or labeled as Fake News. You can even be booted forever. The problem is that thees three social giants are becoming the Public Square of free speech. They have moved beyond a commercial endeavor. Should they now be regulated?

As Written By Andrew West for the Constitution: 

The war on American conservatism has taken enormous leaps forward in the past year, with social media playing a massive new role.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google, the holy trinity of the way Americans communicate on the internet, have all been forced in recent months to confront the liberal media’s favorite new term du jour:  Fake news.

Were these companies truly unbiased or sensitive to the concept of free speech, their stance on “fake news” would be to sit back and allow Americans to learn for themselves what the truth is.  This was the accepted strategy for “fake news” for the past two centuries and beyond in this nation, and it made our people weary but strong.  Unfortunately, these megaliths of the world wide web are all owned, founded, backed, or funded by the ultraliberal globalist left wing of world politics.

That mean, when confronted with the liberal media’s crusade against “fake news”, the trifecta of internet connectivity all lean squarely to the left, leading many to believe that they are unfairly targeting conservative viewpoints for censorship.  And on the internet, that censorship can mean financial failure, extinction, and then a liberal-led fascist state-run media.

Take the example of James Delingpole.

“Facebook just put me on the naughty step for a piece I wrote defending the future Rector of Glasgow University. (aka Milo).

“I’d love to repost it here so that you can see how harmless it was, how totally not in breach of a single one of Facebook’s ‘Community Standards’. But because Facebook deleted it before I could save it you’re just going to have to take my word that it did not contain ‘direct threats’, encourage ‘self-injury’, promote ‘dangerous organizations’, enable ‘bullying and harassment’ or involve any ‘attacks on public figures’. Nor did it engage in ‘criminal activity’, ‘sexual violence and exploitation’ or have anything to do with ‘regulated goods’.

“But I got landed with a 24-hour ban, all the same – together with a threat that if I carried on doing whatever I hadn’t done wrong then next time the ban might be permanent.

“For some of you this won’t matter because Facebook. You think Mark Zuckerberg is a weird sociopath, that it’s a cesspit of festering left-liberalism, that social media is a waste of time. Yes I get that – but you don’t work in the media, whereas I do and for all of us in the communications industry whether we’re writers, entertainers, journalists, bloggers, vloggers or podcasters Facebook is a big deal because so much of our audience is on it. And it’s as important to those of us on the right as it is on the left. Breitbart, for example, gets a lot of its traffic via Facebook. Milo – never knowingly left-wing has a huge Facebook presence. The idea that we on the…….


Facebook Bias Against Conservatives Strikes Again ⋆ The Constitution





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