Nancy Pelosi’s Joke of the Day

Coming from many people, this statement would be greeted with riotous laughter, but coming from House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi it could at best be a sick joke. Pelosi thinks the press undermined Hillary. Showing no sense of reality, she blames the press for spreading the John Podesta email leaks instead of the Trump/Russia connection. That is certainly not the sole reason for Clinton’s loss, only a part.

As Written By Matt Vespa for Townhall:

Let’s go down the checklist here. Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump because of misogyny, racism, sexism, the FBI, the Russians, and now the media. Seriously, the media that was banking heavily on her to beat Trump was part of the problem, says House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Reportedly, the Clinton campaign is angrier with the Obama White House than Russia or FBI Director James Comey concerning the interference campaign that the Kremlin waged against the former first lady, which was primarily done through state-funded media apparatuses peddling propaganda and social media trolls. That is not the same thing as a hack. Moreover, Facebook said it didn’t sway the election. The Economist also wrote how fake news didn’t play a pivotal role.

Nevertheless, Pelosi thinks that the media played a role in undermining the election because they reported on Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized and unsecure email server that remained a story because every explanation turned out to be a lie, fueling speculation as to what else she was hiding, and rehashing the old 1990s criticisms of the power couple. Oh, and because the server wasn’t secure, it could have been a national security risk. She could have mishandled classified information—and the FBI launched a criminal investigation. She was a presidential candidate, Nancy. This is news ….


Pelosi: I Think The Press Helped Undermine The Election – Matt Vespa



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