Mainstream Media Exposing Classified Information is a Dangerous Double Standard 

Back in the 50s, the worst possible punishment was thought to be having yourself locked in a cell with a used car salesman, but now mainstream media has said, “Hold My Beer!” Displaying a distinct lack of objectivity and altruism, journalism is now all about pushing the narrative. Read more here.

As written By Brandon Blackburn for OpsLens:

The work of the CIA to fulfill its mission may have encountered unprecedented setbacks in recent weeks following the release of classified information revealing details about sensitive tactics, the damage of which won’t be fully realized for some time. This is a troubling realization and a real obstacle for professionals working on the front lines who often spend years cultivating the technology and relationships necessary to yield valuable gains in wars against our adversaries—gains that, while built on long hours and sacrifice, are abated with the simple stroke of a keyboard and click of a send button.

What should be just as disconcerting for all Americans is the exuberance with which members of the press report on and expose information that is classified as a matter of national security. This latest episode reflects a crescendo in a song that’s being sung all too often these days by many in the mainstream media. And it is one that underscores a hypocritical and dangerous double standard.

My career and exposure to journalism and the media bookends my time spent as an officer with the CIA. Years ago, as a student at the University of Missouri’s “J-school,” oft touted as one of the premiere institutions for journalism in the country, I gained an appreciation for the work and role the profession has in sustaining a free society. At its foundation and in its purest form, journalism is the mechanism by which we have checks and balances on our governing bodies and engage in dialogue throughout our communities. It ensures a two-way means of communication is possible at all levels of society. It is a practice founded on the principles of objectivity and serving…..


The Mainstream Media’s Willingness to Expose Classified Information is a Dangerous Double Standard – OpsLens



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