Lackland Air Force Base Has New List of Forbidden Words

A senior Air Force leader at Lackland AFB sent out an email that, surprisingly, was leaked by an airman to the press. It appears that the Obama admin policy of political correctness in still entrenched at Lackland.  The list of offensive words is partially revealed here. How did Boy and Girl make the list. No explanation from the USAF as of yet.

As Written By Todd Starnes for Fox News:

The Air Force fears that words like boy, girl, colonial and blacklist might offend people, according to an email sent to Airmen at Joint Base San Antonio.

An outraged Airman sent me a copy of the email – as evidence the military is still infected with Obama-era political correctness.

The email included an attachment that listed a number of words and phrases that might be construed as offensive.

Now, to be fair there were some legitimately offensive and racially charged words and phrases on the list. But also included on the list were the words boy and girl.

The email was written by a senior Air Force leader and was sent to an untold number of personnel at Lackland Air Force Base.

Airmen were advised to study a list of words and phrases that “may be construed offensive.”

Here’s a partial list of some of the dubious words and phrases deemed troublesome by the Air Force:

1.    Boy

2.    Girl

3.    You People…..


Exclusive: Air Force says words like ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ could be offensive | Fox News



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