It’s 1968 All Over Again

The Trump haters would like to resurrect the glorious protest days of the 60’s, but if they take a close look, it would not sit so well with them. Back then, law enforcement did not have the restraints laid on them that our Blue Line suffers from now. Regardless of that advantage, the outcome is not going to be that different. Why? That is what this is about to explain to you. It all has to do with a drop of water and fly-over country. Those two things are the same now as they were in 1968. Read and learn something. I did.

As Written Patricia McCarthy for American Thinker:

The professional left is busy resisting all things Trump.  They are collecting millions of dollars, having meetings to plot their revenge for his victory over Hillary Clinton.  Their hardcore activists are busy organizing, hiring and training protesters, having signs printed, and in some cases, buying all black outfits, including masks.   They send their thugs to pro-Trump events to be purposefully violent knowing that anti-Trump violence will make the news.  Their belief is that by creating chaos anywhere they can, their campaign against Trump will take root and his supporters will desert him and follow them.

In their dreams!

“Imagine a single drop of water: that’s the protest.  Now put that drop of water into a bucket:  that’s the protest movement.  Now drop that bucket into Lake Michigan: that’s Reality.”  Nathan Hill, The Nix

The above excerpt from Nathan Hill’s book is from a chapter on the protests that turned the Democratic National Convention of 1968 in Chicago into what the protesters called their “revolution.”  Students chanting “Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Min” and “Kill the pigs” marched in the streets.   The police and the National Guard were…..


Blog: Are the Trump Haters Creating 1968 All Over Again?




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