Ha! The Media Just Cannot Win Against Trump

The media continues to tilt at windmills in their hope to defeat President Donald Trump. Remember the wailing and gnashing of teeth when the President questioned the rise of antisemitism? It appears that the recent hoaxes and the statistics bear up under the truth detector. Once more he has them by the Fake News hairs. The mainstream media continues to be the poster children for slow learners.

As Written By Joel B. Pollak for Breitbart:

When President Donald Trump suggested last month that the reported rise in antisemitism might have been due to hoaxes, the media were outraged.

When Trump rejected — angrily — the premise of a question posed by a (sympathetic) Jewish reporter who asked Trump what he was going to do about antisemitism, that was treated as evidence of his guilt. And when he condemned antisemitism, it was not enough for Democrats, who are still alleging that he is to blame.

Last week’s arrest of a Jewish teenager in Israel, with dual citizenship in the U.S., proved that much of the antisemitic outbreak was, in fact, fake news.

Though there has been a surge in anti-Jewish rhetoric and imagery online, and there has been some vandalism at synagogues and cemeteries, the bomb threats that caused the media sensation were not carried out by white supremacist Trump supporters, but an African-American left-wing journalist and the Israeli teen.

Indeed, it is now impossible to know whether the few real incidents of antisemitism were part of a surge, or part of the low level of “background” antisemitism that persists, sadly, even in the U.S., the most tolerant country in the world.

Evelyn Gordon of Commentary magazine — a publication founded by the American Jewish Committee, with a strong interest in Jewish affairs — adds an additional dimension to the story, noting that the teenage culprit was primarily interested in media coverage of the threats.

Where the media ignored the bomb threats, he gave up and moved on to other areas; where the media reported them, he launched threats against similar targets to amplify the…….


Donald Trump Vindicated: Antisemitism Surge ‘Fake News’ – Breitbart





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