Former Trump Adviser RIPS False Narrative on Russia Collusion [Video]

In a wide open interview with FOX News’ Catherine Herridge, former Donald Trump adviser Carter Page parses no words about the Russian collusion false narrative. Mr. Page does not equivocate about any questions concerning meetings with the Russians. He even tells you of the time he met the ambassador in Cleveland. This will squash some of the alt-left false narrative.



As Written By Catherine Herridge, Pamela K. Browne, Christopher Wallace for Fox News:

EXCLUSIVE: Former Trump adviser Carter Page, in a wide-ranging interview with Fox News, decried what he described as “propaganda” driven by a “false narrative” regarding his 2016 contacts with Russian officials, denying that he ever worked with them to help the campaign.

Page is one of several Trump associates being scrutinized amid multiple probes looking at Russia’s interference in last year’s campaign. As he prepares for interviews with the Senate Intelligence Committee and the House Intelligence Committee, Page gave a categorical denial when asked by Fox News Chief Intelligence Correspondent Catherine Herridge whether he worked with the Russians to help the Trump campaign.

“Absolutely not,” he said, laughing. “I did nothing that could even possibly be viewed as helping them in any way.”

Asked whether he had worked with the Russians to hurt the Clinton campaign, he replied, “Absolutely not. In no way, shape or form.”


Ex-Trump adviser Carter Page rips ‘false narrative’ on Russia collusion | Fox News




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