Former Bush A.G. “Trump Is Right About Surveillance” [VIDEO] 

In this video, you will see Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey in an ABC interview say that it is ‘likely’ that Donald Trump was under surveillance by the intelligence community. That puts a whole new spin on what has been a highly disputed story so far. Mr. Mukasey says that the orders would have come from the Department of Justice.

The DOJ was under Loretta Lynch the last few years.

As Written By Kevin Daley for the Daily Caller:

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey told ABC News that elements of the intelligence community likely did conduct surveillance of Trump Tower during last year’s general election.

In an early-morning tweet on Saturday, President Donald Trump asserted that former President Barack Obama had order intelligence agencies to wiretap Trump Tower in advance of the election. The White House later issued a statement urging an investigation of pre-election surveillance of the Trump campaign, as spokesmen attempted to walk back the president’s claim.

Mukasey, who led the U.S. Department of Justice in the waning days of the George W. Bush administration, said Trump Tower was almost certainly the subject of surveillance, but that orders for such actions were likely issued by the …..


Mukasey: Trump Is Right About Surveillance [VIDEO] | The Daily Caller



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