Former A.G. Preet Bharara is plotting his revenge

Fired Manhattan United States Attorney Preet Bharara is looking to the future for employment. If these sources can be believed, he has quite the opinion of himself and his capabilities. I guess when you run in the elite circles, you can expect a hand up from fellow elites. He just wants TV stardom and Board of Director positions the way this reads. Good luck, sir.

As Written By Aaron Short for The New York Post:

Preet Bharara is ready for his close-up.

Bharara — who was dismissed as Manhattan US attorney last weekend when he refused a Trump administration order to ­resign — is angling for a TV gig that could help launch a run for elected office, a source told The Post.

“He’s trying to be a liberal Bill O’Reilly,” the source claimed.

Bharara, 48, could be hoping to land a news show on CNN or MSNBC, “a half-investigative reporting, half Larry King-type show, [where] he can be the special correspondent.”

But in the short-term, Bharara is looking to appear on CBS’s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” — to prove he’s camera-ready, the source said.

“Preet really wants to do Colbert,” the source said. “He thinks Stephen’s really funny and that it’s a way to audition for a gig, where executives will take notice and say, ‘We should give this guy a…..


Preet Bharara is plotting his revenge | New York Post



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