Feminist Liberal Rag Magizine Ruthlessly Demeans Kellyanne Conway

It is understandable that the ultra feminist and their magazines are afraid of the impact Kellyanne Conway has on their narrative. They go into the attack mode and do all they can, in their estimation, to shame and embarrass her. This time, Vice magazine let Mitchell Sunderland hurl the insults at Kellyanne Conway. It is an infantile piece that you can read about here.

As Written By Michael Qazvini for the Daily Wire:

Nothing scares feminists more than powerful and confident conservative women. Conservative women are by and large a threat to modern feminism’s devotion to leftist politics. Former Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said it best when she told Fox News’ John Roberts that there’s a “double standard” for Republican women. “There is nothing more threatening to the liberal media in general, and Hillary Clinton in particular, than a conservative woman. So of course there’s a double standard,” she explained.

After attacking the likes of Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Meg Whitman and others, liberal feminists have set their sights on none other than Kellyanne Conway, the most successful female campaign manager in American history.

In a shameless hit-piece published in the Wednesday edition of Vice Magazine’s “women” focused offshoot known as Broadly, male writer Mitchell Sunderland hurls insults at Conway for doing something that liberal women, like the ever-odious Lena Dunham or the over-hyped Black Panther saluting pop singer Beyonce Knowles, have been generously praised for doing. So what did Conway do?

She posed for a photo-shoot. Deplorable, we know.

Sunderland attacks Conway’s supposed crime with an infantilizing tone that would make even the most virulent, card-carrying misogynist blush.

“Kellyanne Conway has developed a reputation for behaving more like a petty drag queen than a counselor to the White House,” he writes. “She reached new heights of camp just last week, when….KEEP READING HERE:


Liberal Vice Magazine’s Feminist Page Slut-Shames Kellyanne Conway Because She’s A Conservative | Daily Wire



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