FBI Warns of the Coming ISIS Diaspora

FBI Director James Comey’s warning of the coming ISIS terrorist diaspora is predicated on the coming defeat of ISIS in the field. Once the ISIS-held territories are conquered, the ISIS terrorists will spread to all points of the compass. What this means is an increase in terrorism threats. Where is our first line of defense? You might be surprised.

As Written By David Mora for Breitbart: 

FBI Director James Comey reiterated his concern that an unprecedented “terrorist diaspora” will occur after the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) territory is “crushed” by the U.S.-led coalition, calling the imminent phenomenon “the ghost of Christmas future.”

Currently, the FBI is dealing with an estimated 1,000 open homegrown terrorism cases in the United States that include people “of all backgrounds,” noted Comey.

“The director said that FBI’s terrorism-related cases have spanned the age range of roughly 15-60 years old, adding that there is no one particular ‘hot spot’ in the U.S. for extremist activity because a lot of the recruitment and inspiration continues to happen online,” points out Fox News.

During a national security summit at the University of Texas at Austin, Comey predicted that the jihadist diaspora would flow outward from the Middle East to Western Europe, Southeast Asia, and North Africa.

The FBI chief urged government leaders and intelligence officials in Western Europe, without mentioning the recent ISIS-claimed attack in London, to “break down the……..


FBI Reiterates Concerns over Islamic State Diaspora After Group’s Fall





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