Americans Want to Know Why We Need a Larger Navy and Sea Power

official US Navy photos taken during the ship's 10th Med Cruise

Is your United States Navy big enough to handle the missions that the nation may require of it? Why do we need a larger Navy? How and when did it decrease in size? Will President Donald Trump be able to restore a 350 ship Navy? All this and more in this thoughtful article.

As Written By Bryan McGrath for The Federalist:

On a beautiful evening last July, I gathered 25 friends for a cookout at my house to generate brutal honesty as I considered running for office. After the food and some liquid refreshment, we retired to my porch for conversation.

A seasoned political operative suggested I spend the next several months as I considered the run polishing my political skills by seeking out opportunities that resemble campaign events.

During my tour, I visited two-dozen Rotary Club meetings across Maryland. I arrived early, shook hands, and introduced myself to virtually everyone in every room. I asked about items of local interest, and what the big problems in the area were. Many had served in the Navy or our other armed forces, and some had relatives still serving.

I relished their stories, enjoyed meeting people and left every event more energized than when I entered. I abandoned the long-shot campaign idea early on but continued the tour, partly due to the commitment I had made in arranging the engagements, but mostly out of the consistent sense I gained from the Rotary chats that what I was doing was important.

In stop after stop, I engaged with Americans who were worried about the state of Navy, surprised at the degree to which sea power impacts U.S. prosperity, and nervous about……..


What Americans Want To Know About The U.S. Navy And Sea Power




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