There is a War on Common Sense and the ACLU is Leading the Newest Charge

It appears to me that the ACLU is no longer American in purpose. When they are soley interested in seeing that those with no standing within this country are allowed to come and go at will, then nationalism ceases to exist. When they intend to make the nation ungovernable, they are seditious in intent and action. When they encourage the violent, they have blood on their hands. Look at how they are gloating.

As Written By Robert Knight for the Washington Times:

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is leading the charge against President Trump’s order to temporarily halt immigrants from seven Middle Eastern countries identified by the Obama administration as hotbeds of terrorism.

So far, they have managed to find sympathetic judges in friendly climes such as the Ninth Circuit.

The group had promptly filed a lawsuit against the order, which it calls “Trump’s Muslim ban,” despite the fact that it allows in travelers from more than 40 other Muslim majority nations comprising more than a billion people, plus India, which has an estimated 300 million Muslims.

Last week, 50 ACLU affiliates filed Freedom of Information Act requests with Customs and Border Protection field offices inquiring how the new policy was being enforced at airports……


Donald Trump ‘Muslim ban’ specifics sought by ACLU – Washington Times



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