‘The Walking Dead’ is about gun control?

‘The Walking Dead’ turns out to be about gun control. It is Kabuki Theater to what a tyrant can do when he has all the control. You can become a slave or you can control your destiny. It is a fanciful look for us to see the what-ifs of a lawless world. Would you be a Rick Grimes or his nemesis, Negan? Read on and discover for yourself.

As Written By Scott Morefield for The Federalist: 

As a tyrant whose subjects would rather face hordes of flesh-eating zombies than live under him, Negan finds it necessary to take one particular step with each new subject. He disarms them.

As longtime fans of AMC long-running smash hit “The Walking Dead” know, the show isn’t so much about zombies as it is about how the living interact with each other as they attempt to survive and deal with the chaos of their world, a world that once looked like ours.

My wife and I have followed Rick Grimes and his band of survivors through thick and thin. It’s always fascinating to explore with the writers of the show how people, particularly strangers, interact with each other in the absence of law and order, steady employment, stability, security, even the knowledge of what one is going to eat the next day. Certainly, as one of the season promo posters eloquently stated, in such a world one would find it necessary to “fight the dead” but “fear the living.”

Of course, while such an apocalyptic scenario would likely never occur in real life (Chinese electromagnetic pulse or financial collapse? Maybe. Zombies? Not so much), one of the appeals to watching this genre is the thrill of suspending our disbelief and placing ourselves in the ….


The Walking Dead’ Is A Defense Of Gun Ownership



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