The Left’s Trump-triggered RAGE, It is not a Sickness

Have you been trying to understand the rage that has erupted from the Left in opposition to President Donald Trump? Then this is the article for you to read for understanding? Do you have any idea what ‘psychological decompensation’ refers to? This will explain that to you as well. It is not a sickness, it is a cultural thing, I think.

As Written By Deborah C. Tyler for American Thinker:

Psychological decompensation refers to the loss of mental stability and self-control due to the failure of overtaxed coping mechanisms to handle stress.  The term decompensation is typically applied to breakdowns in individuals who are psychologically fragile in the first place.  For minds burdened with a fallacious self-image, unrealistic life expectations, or a distorted view of reality, heightened stress overwhelms the already brittle ego defenses, and raw psychic pain and rage flows unrestrained.

The election of President Trump has triggered a rage decompensation across the left wing, causing disgusting, dehumanizing, and violent expression to break out.  The categories of left-wing caterwauling are mainly racist, sexist, and eco-psychotic.  In that order, there was the aspiring Democratic Party chair who declared that “white people need to shut up.”  The Midol March on Washington featured a pathetic, wizened Madonna fantasizing about mass murder at the White House while Ashley Judd inflicted a PMS rant from hell.  In giving the stage to Donna Hylton, who sodomized her victim with a pipe before helping to murder him, the left proved beyond a doubt they care that “our children are listening” only until the campaign is over.  From the eco-nuts assortment came the segregationist with the Marine haircut who demanded that the Trump supporter move to the back of the plane after declaring she had the right to vomit on him.

In the madness of decompensation, the left are repressing freedom of speech and association through censorship and mob violence, “unfriending” actual and virtual relationships, ruining family get-togethers, and generally going nutters against anybody deemed to be one of the new political untouchables.

It has become a cliché to liken liberalism to a mental illness.  Here is an explanation: the mental  fragility of the left wing, which has allowed this rage decompensation, has to do with the counter-directional psychodynamics of the belief forms of political opinion versus moral conviction.

In 1919, G.K. Chesterton succinctly summarized the current left-wing lurch into lunacy: “In real life, people who are most bigoted are the people who have no convictions at all.”

The opinion versus conviction dichotomy is the core psychological contradistinction between the American left and right.  The fundamental paradigm of the left tends to be humanist and scientific-materialist with a tendency to disavow what is termed “organized” religion.  Whether or not there is a belief in God, and regardless of what personal experiences an individual may feel as “spiritual,” for the left wing, beliefs are derived from anthropogenic information and knowledge about the phenomenal world.  Anthropogenic knowledge cannot provide the underpinnings of an absolute and unchanging moral code, therefore the left wing tends to have no such code to follow.

Anthropogenic knowledge is limited to the realm of the intellect.  Intellectual…….


Articles: Left without Conviction: Psychodynamics of Trump-Triggered Rage Decompensation



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