The GREAT Wikipedia Purge!?

It will come as a disappointment to some and as no surprise to others that Wikipedia is leaning acutely to the Left. Conservative input is being restricted and managed by leftist controlled committees. This will come at a cost to conservative thought and input. It will not be allowed. It will be voted off the island. Wikipedia will become a place of fake data to support fake news.

As Written By Jason Naeyaert for American Thinker:

Editor’s note:   A fine piece of journalism on the takeover of Wikipedia by leftist thought police, intent on purging any availability through it of certain dangerous conservative sources. Our satirist friend Oleg Atbashian of the People’s Cube suffered banishment because the last thing leftists have is a sense of humor about themselves.

Because of his suppression, he was contacted by a journalist from a Dutch language Belgian news site in Brussels called Sceptr. That writer, Jonas Naeyaert, produced the article below, translated into English, through the efforts of Oleg and a Dutch-speaking friend with the help of Google Translate:

Wikipedia purges politically incorrect newspaper ‘The Daily Mail’

By Jonas Naeyaert

An influential group of Wikipedia editors decided last week no longer to accept the British right-wing newspaper ‘The Daily Mail’ as a reliable news source. The organization behind Wikipedia (The Wikimedia Foundation) claimed initially that it had no hand in this decision.

Such cases are usually decided by an online discussion, in which each Wikipedia member can participate, but the final call is made by the more experienced ‘editors’ of a higher grade (called “closers”). In order to climb up the ‘Wiki hierarchy’ and be a ‘closer’, you have to be nominated by other members based on your previous work for the website.

As a result of the above decision, articles from The Daily Mail can no longer be used as evidence of “notability,” which is the main criterion for admitting a topic on Wikipedia. In a nutshell, if some facts are mentioned in this newspaper (the second largest tabloid after The Sun in the UK), but they are not covered by other media outlets, such facts are no longer accepted as independently proven and, therefore, can be removed from Wikipedia without much difficulty by any user……..


Articles: The Wikipedia Purge



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